Thank you for following me on Gawker.Unfortunately, and for reasons unknown to me, Adam Weinstein has removed my ability to post under his articles.I have effectively been banned from commenting on Gawker.This coupled with the upcoming changes to Kinja has led me to simply leave the site permanently. I'm a…


Where do I sent the former President a get-well card written on the back of the following postcard as a remainder that his blatant lies followed by cover-ups killed over 5,000 US military personal?

I saw a preview of The Butler and that woman needs to star in a period piece on her network because she is an AMAZING actress after a 15+ year absence from the silver screen. Her performance left everyone in the theatre, young and old alike, in tears. She was that amazing!

Still better than Romney

I keep reminding myself that Obama is/was the lesser of the two evils back in November 2012. I can't believe I was hoodwinked back in 2008 and contributed my time and money to this "constitutional scholar" who I thought shared my progressive views. The Huffington Post nicely summed-up my opinion of O-bush-ama.